Lenny is always open to new challenges and ideas. If you don't see something on the list, call Lenny and discuss the possibilities.

•    Coloring
•    Product Photography
•    Vibrant black and white photography
•    Large format digital production
•    High profile shoots
•    Private sessions
​•    Custom Picture Framing


760-443-6306 or 760-749-2118
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•    Portraits
•    Weddings
•    Special Events
•    Senior Pictures
•    Commercial
•    Corporate publications
•    In-house high-quality processing

Lenny has a wealth of experience in a wide-range of situations. Give Lenny a call and see if he is the perfect fit for your project. Chances are, Lenny will be able to not only meet your needs, but exceed your expectations.
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​Kerbs' Custom Photography & Framing offers the following services at competitive prices:

Kerbs Custom Photography & Framing

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